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Servicing Your Boiler

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It’s important to keep your boiler working properly and it is recommended that you have it serviced once a year.  This will help your boiler run more efficiently, saving money on your heating bills and preventing costly repairs in the future.

Also, when the gas that fuels your boiler isn't burnt correctly, carbon monoxide can be produced. Carbon monoxide can't be seen or smelt, but it can be harmful - causing headaches, drowsiness, nausea, breathlessness and even death.

These are some signs that your gas boiler might need servicing:

What does a boiler service involve?

Usually this involves cleaning various components (burner, injector, pilot, flues, ignition components and controls); checking connections, seals, joints and operations; repairing any gas leaks; and re-setting  operations to their correct default.

Please remember that only Gas Safe Register approved engineers are qualified to service gas appliances.

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