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Honeywell Evohome

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Well now you can with Honeywell evohome

What is evohome?

Honeywell evohome is a sophisticated heating system that ensures you can create and individually control up to 12 heating zones in domestic properties. evohome will also control domestic hot water.

At its heart is the evohome controller, your simple to use control panel that lets you set the temperature in every room in your home - from anywhere in your home or from your mobile phone.

Its differentiator is ‘zonal’ control. This means you only heat specific zones (typically rooms) as needed. For example, you can have your bedroom and bathroom come on in the morning, your lounge at lunchtime and your kitchen in the evening, all set to their own ideal temperature. It means you only heat the parts of your house that you're using, rather the entire thing.

evohome means you're always in charge of your home heating & stored hot water - wherever you are.

Get Connected

Whether at home, at work or on the road, keep control over your home heating and hot water and make changes as and when you choose.

Solution Gas Boilers & Plumbing can install evohome in your home.  Contact us for details.

Want to save on your energy bills?

82% of energy consumed in the home is used by heating and hot water.

Upgrading your basic timer and thermostat control to evohome smart zoning could deliver as much as 40% savings on heating your home.

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